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Fit Recipes


An excellent application that contains several recipes that combine the pleasure of eating with healthy living.* Constantly updated RecipesHere you will find:
- Recipes can be found OFFLINE;- Successful recipes of various celebrities from the world Fitness;- Ability to recalculate the amount of servings per recipe;- Send shopping list;- Search by recipe name, ingredients or breeder;- System review for each recipe;- Stopwatch set in preparation time (Just click on the recipe time);- System of favorite recipes;- Fit Recipes separated by categories;- Revenue sharing.- Full description of all income;
Healthy eating does not have to be off the pleasures of life.The recipe for eating well goes through eating a balanced way according to their nutritional needs, which does not mean in any way to eat tasteless.So we join a set of healthy and delicious recipes divided into categories such as salad, soups, meat, fish, chicken, vegan and desserts.